Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

My Ideal Franchise works diligently to make the Candidate User experience satisfying and safe.

My Ideal Franchise collects information online to better serve our Users. You will be asked to provide information such as your name, contact information and specific information about you and the type(s) of franchise you are seeking. This information is requested only to provide the most accurate Franchise Compatibility Profile results possible.

Protecting your privacy is important to My Ideal Franchise, therefore My Ideal Franchise is operated under the guidelines as are listed below:

Personal Information

When you complete a Franchise Compatibility Profile, My Ideal Franchise collects information that personally identifies you. For example, My Ideal Franchise asks for your name, phone number and email address. We will use this information to contact you with a confirmation e-mail after you have completed your Compatibility Profile and have been presented with your Compatibility Profile results.

By completing a personalized Franchise Compatibility Profile you have indicated to us your desire to have your Compatibility Profile scored against all Franchise Listings present in your System, and have a Compatibility Profile Score calculated and assigned to each from 0 to 100. To best serve your franchise search needs, the data you provided is shared with Franchisors a maximum of three (3) times for each Franchise Category that you selected as your interest Categories. Your data is only shown to Franchisors whose Listings, when calculated against your Compatibility Profile, earned a score of fifty (50) or higher. This is restricted to provide you with the best chance for finding the perfect franchise and achieving a successful match. These Franchisors may contact you directly regarding your search for a franchise and will have access to your Compatibility Profile Score associated with their Listing(s).


My Ideal Franchise, or its advertisers, may place a "cookie" in the browser files of your computer. Cookies, a standard industry technology, are small pieces of information or files that are stored on a user's computer by the Web server through a user's browser for record keeping purposes. The information can be retrieved to personalize, monitor, or regulate use of the site. Cookies allow My Ideal Franchise to automate access and data entry functions of the site, such as your login information, and tailor the site to a user's preferences or interests. In addition, cookies allow My Ideal Franchise to track usage of the site to determine those areas of the site that are useful or popular, thereby enabling My Ideal Franchise to improve and update its services.

Direct Mailings, Compatibility Profiling and "Opt In" versus "Opt Out"

By completing a personalized Franchise Compatibility Profile you agree that you have granted My Ideal Franchise the right to send you initial and/or on-going email(s) regarding products and/or services that may be of interest to you. Additionally, you agree to initially and continually allow us to calculate and present your personalized Franchise Compatibility Profile Scores to listed Franchisors for consideration of your candidacy in joining their franchise system, and contact you direct if you meet the above listed criteria.

Should you desire to cease from participating in, and agreeing to the Privacy Policy conditions of My Ideal Franchise, simply login to your Account and chose the “Disable my Account” option. This will immediate remove your data from our system, disable your Account, stop all future mailings and discontinue access of your Compatibility Profile Scores and contact information to our Member Franchisors. Please note that My Ideal Franchise reserves the right to delay your ability to fully disable your Account until a minimum of six (6) Franchisors have been allowed access to your information, providing your Compatibility Score relating to their Listing(s) exceeded 50.

Links to Other Websites

My Ideal Franchise may provide links to and from its partners and other Internet sites. These sites have separate data and privacy practices independent of My Ideal Franchise, and My Ideal Franchise disclaims any responsibility or liability for their policies or actions.

Disclosing Your Information

My Ideal Franchise will NOT disclose any Personal Information except as described above or in its Terms and Conditions. My Ideal Franchise may disclose user information, including demographic data, in an aggregated form that does not identify individual users in order to describe its services to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties and for other lawful purposes.

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, or if you believe we have not adhered to these principles, please click here to contact us.