AAA Photography Inc.

You can earn income photographing sports teams and school Photos. No experience necessary Work from home Earn up to $150,000+ a year net Franchises available for as little as $35,000 Work for yourself, full-time or part-time. It’s fun. And it’s recession proof! Parents always need photographs while their children are in school or participating in a sport. “AAA” Photography Inc. will show you how to immediately start making money from this under-serviced sector of the market. No experience required

Franchise Details
Investment Amount: Less than $25,000 - $25,000 Agreement Length: 10 years
Franchise Fee: $35000 Royalty Fee: 10%
Company Established: 1977 Franchising since: 2002
Franchised Units: 3 Total Units: 4
Earnings Claim: No Financial Assistance: Yes

AAA Photography Inc. Franchise Information

AAA Photography Inc. The Simple Digital Photo Company Franchise

About Us:

“AAA” Photography Inc. is an established Canadian company, with 32 years of experience in the business. We started out as a photography service and later branched into photo lab services. Now we’re a full facility, 100% digital operation. Many of the software and hardware products we provide you with are proprietary – giving you a real competitive edge. Standard equipment includes digital cameras, lights, tripods, laptop computers, photography backdrops and much more. In short, you’ll receive a turnkey package containing everything you need to become a successful professional photographer within this highly specialized market niche.

"AAA" does full tournament coverage of action photography and offers digital products available for viewing on location before the game is over. The full range of products can be viewed at the on-site “AAA” action booth display and purchased immediately or online.

“AAA” has furthered expanded it’s interests into school photography as a natural addition to Amateur Athletic Associations. With the digital age and the perfection of Green Screen technology, “AAA” can offer up to 150 different backgrounds for each child.

“AAA” has every option the schools are familiar with including ID cards, the advantage of allowing the students to create their own portrait while not dictating to them what background they must use to display their own mood or sense of style. The point is, it’s not about “AAA”, it’s about the kids. That’s why we're called "AAA".

At AAA we believe in being a partner in the communities in which we live and work. Here is the President of AAA, Rob Johnson doing his part in this annual event in the Downtown East Side feeding the hungry. We fed over 2000 meals that Sunday all on donated goods, money and volunteer labour.

How We'll Support You:

When you invest in an “AAA” Photography franchise, you’ll receive all of the knowledge and equipment to help you
to make a good living photographing sports teams, school classes, and more. After 32 years in the business, we can teach you the best techniques to create unique photos that sell.  A working photographer at “AAA” Photography’s headquarters in Vancouver will provide you with expert, hands-on training. You’ll also receive support and guidance as you launch your new business, as well as ongoing training in essentials such as marketing, customer service, and more. As a member of the “AAA” team, you’ll always have access to an incredible lab.  Since many of the photos will be taken in the evening or during theweekend, you can even keep your day job while you’re developing your business.

Check This Out:

  •     Work from home
  •     Initial and ongoing training and support
  •     Typical sports season is only seven months a year
  •     Typical school season is only nine months a year
  •     Quick return on a modest investment

Here’s the “AAA” Advantage:Image result for aaa photography

  •     Real potential to sell $300,000+ a year (while only working during the school year)
  •     Net income in the range of $50,000 to $150,000+ a year
  •     Franchise fee starting from as little as $35,000, plus equipment valued at approx. $30,000

“AAA” Highlights:

  •     Can be a seasonal business.
  •     Work for as little as seven months a year (primarily spring and fall).
  •     Work as much or a little as you like.
  •     Supplementary revenue can be earned photographing tournaments in the off season, or
  •     year round projects such as photographing children in day care and pre-school centres.
  •     Work days or evenings: you choose.
  •     Elementary, Middle, Highschool classes and Grad photos are typically daytime assignments.
  •     Sports teams often pose for photographs during evenings and weekends.

If it’s a sport, all the players and their parents need photographic memories!

Start making a good living doing what you love.



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