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Do you own an existing carpet cleaning, flood damage recovery, or disaster repair business? Would you like to expand your market share and increase revenues? 1-800 FLOODED is offering a unique opportunity for forward thinking business owners to join a nationwide network of flood damage restoration professionals.

Franchise Details
Investment Amount: $100,000 - $200,000 Agreement Length: 000 years
Franchise Fee: $35000 Royalty Fee: 000%
Company Established: 1976 Franchising since: 2001
Franchised Units: 44 Total Units: 44
Earnings Claim: No Financial Assistance: No

1-800 Flooded Franchise Information

Welcome to 1-800 Flooded! A Franchise to clean up with


When you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, who do you call? 911, right? Well, who do you call when water damage threatens to destroy your home or business? When you are in the middle of a flood water emergency, do you have to shuffle through the yellow pages just to find the best, or perhaps only, restoration professional in your area? Not any more! Now all you have to remember is one toll free number; 1-800- FLOODED. 1-800-FLOODED is now the new "emergency" phone number for homes and businesses who are victims of flood damage.

Do you own an existing carpet cleaning, flood damage recovery, or disaster repair business? Would you like to expand your market share and increase revenues? 1-800 FLOODED is offering a unique opportunity for forward thinking business owners to join a nationwide network of flood damage restoration professionals. 1-800-FLOODED is a nationwide corporation that sells franchises to existing restoration companies that allow them to tap into a marketing program and support system that will increase exposure in their existing area. If your company would like to participate in what will soon be the world's largest network of independent emergency water damage professionals, then please explore our site and acquaint yourself with our program.

Like 911, 1-800-FLOODED is being divided into geographical areas and will be awarded exclusively to one restoration company in each area. Dominate the market share in your area by purchasing a franchise today! 1-800-FLOODED will ring directly to your office. There are no dispatchers, you deal directly with the customer. What does it cost?

It doesn't cost, it pays! Our goal is to join over 300 franchises in our nationwide network, all using the 1-800-FLOODED phone number. With that kind of exposure, everyone will eventually know the number, which equates to lower advertising costs in the future.

By joining the nationwide network, you have access to marketing materials that promote 1-800-FLOODED as a national entity while all local 1-800-FLOODED business goes to your restoration company. While the materials are provided by 1-800-FLOODED, it is the responsibility of each franchisee to cover their own advertising medium costs. For example, 1-800-FLOODED will provide franchisees with pre-made video commercials advertising 1-800-FLOODED, but it is up to the franchisee to make arrangements with a local cable company to air the commercial and pay for the air time. Therefore, the more you advertise 1-800-FLOODED, the better and faster it will work for your local business, as well as the nationwide network. As the network expands, the less you will need to advertise. Eventually, people will remember 1-800-FLOODED as a matter of course.

Optional franchise services can be purchased separately, adding value to your investment. Camera ready print ad layouts, flyers, post cards, brochures, stickers and other paper based marketing material can be purchased from 1-800-FLOODED at significant volume discounts. You may want to purchase novelty items such as pens, baseball caps, T-shirts and the like to re-sell to customers or have your employees wear. Although not required by the franchisee, buying these items through 1-800-FLOODED allows for discounts of 50-75% off normal prices. You may also want a presence on the Internet through our web site. Through our partners, we can create a custom web site for your company and link it to our site, or just provide a few pages directly on our site. 

The Concept 

Why does everyone remember 911? Not only is it widely publicized in the media, but people voluntarily spread the phone number by word of mouth because it represents something of great importance, personal safety in amidst an emergency situation. Perhaps many have even had to call 911 themselves, which makes it even more memorable. The point is, everybody knows what 911 stands for and will ALWAYS remember it when they have an emergency. Through a nationwide marketing campaign, it is the goal of 1-800– FLOODED to put in the minds of American consumers another important emergency phone number, 1-800-356-6333 (1-800-FLOODED). The majority of individuals already equate 800 (not 888) phone numbers as toll free, so that part of the number is easily remembered. The rest of the phone number is a coded acronym that directly relates to the type of service the caller would be expecting, flood damage recovery. We believe that with the right exposure to the market, 1-800-FLOODED will soon become the most memorable of phone numbers to people needing this type of service.

Currently, every major city and county in the US has some type of insurance restoration contractor, flood disaster/ recovery specialist, or cleaning/ maintenance company that local consumers can call in the event of a flood or water disaster situation. Many cities have several of such service companies in their geographical area. But how do consumers find them? If not referred by a friend, usually they turn to the yellow pages and are subjected to a barrage of ads and choices that may or may not fit their needs. Now, informed people will just call one simple, easy to remember phone number to get the best service in their area. What does this mean for your business?

1-800-FLOODED is dividing into geographical regions its phone number and selling it to local restoration companies on a franchise basis. Restoration businesses who want to join the network, can pay a nominal monthly fee and have all 1-800-FLOODED calls routed to their local phone number. The benefits are obvious, more exposure, more business, more revenue! How does this work?

The phone company is able to route all incoming 911 calls to the local phone numbers of local emergency institutions, anywhere in the country. This way, no matter where you are, all you have to remember is ONE phone number and you can expect emergency personnel to answer, even though their local phone numbers all differ, one from another. 1-800-FLOODED has taken this model and applied it to an 800 phone number. They have a nationwide system in place with local phone companies to route 1-800-FLOODED calls to specific blocks of phone number area codes and prefixes in specific areas. This way, when someone calls for flood recovery in an area that belongs to your franchise, the call is routed to your local phone number and the phone rings at your local business! You get the contact; you get the job! These prefixes are automatically assigned to geographical areas by the phone company. 1-800-FLOODED sells both the prefixes and subsequently the geographical area with the franchise. This ensures no overlapping of calls from one franchisee to another.

1-800-FLOODED also includes other optional marketing tools and support for its franchise customers including:

  • Printed marketing materials (i.e. post cards, flyers and advertisements promoting 1-800-FLOODED).
  • Printed stickers made to apply to phone book covers promoting 1-800-FLOODED as an emergency number. Instead of opening the phone book and scurrying to find the right company, the customer looks at the sticker on the cover to instantly remind him who to call to help with his water damage emergency.
  • Pre-made video commercials that can be played on local TV and cable networks promoting 1-800-FLOODED.
  • Hats, pens, t-shirts and other novelty products that promote 1-800-FLOODED.
  • Customer referrals from our Website to your local business and your existing web site. If you do not have an existing web presence, 1-800-FLOODED can provide web site creation services promoting your local business on their web site.
  • Access to support areas to order marketing materials online and receive technical support.


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