Avoid the devastating mess of a failed franchise.

Choose wisely today.

Completing your personal profile is the first important step to creating a bright future.

The Compatibility Profile Index (CPI) is the heart of the My Ideal Franchise system. By creating your free profile, you will immediately be matched to EVERY franchise in our system and a CPI score, from 0 to 100, will be calculated and displayed for each listing.

  • 90-100

    Your Ideal Franchise
  • 80-89

    Near Perfect Match
  • 70-79

    Excellent Opportunity
  • 60-69

    Good Possibility
  • 50-59

    Fair Compatibility
  • < 49

    Not Recommended



Every day would-be entreprenuers buy the wrong franchise and lose their investments and security. Fact is, most franchisors will sell their franchises to anyone interested in buying one, even if they know it is a terrible choice for a buyer.

Use our advanced profiler to know with confidence which business opportunity is right for you, without the pressure and hype from slick sales teams.

Discover why you’re in The Best Place to Find Success with great franchise business opportunities…

My Ideal Franchise offers a simple process that will ensure that you build on a solid foundation for your business success.

Avoid the devastating mess of a failed franchise. Choose wisely today.

Completing your personal profile is the first important step to creating a bright future.


  • You’ll get a Candidate Compatibility Score (from 0 to 100) for each franchise so you’ll know which ones are the best fit for you
  • You can browse franchises for free, each with their Compatibility Score displayed
  • You can request information directly from the franchises that interest you most
  • You can check back to view your Scores, which are updated daily and matched to new franchise opportunities!

A Franchise Directory With A Difference

Unlike other directories, which simply display franchise logos for you to pick at random, our algorithm guarantees that you’ll only be matched with franchise business opportunities that are genuinely a great fit for you.


Gone are the days of sensationalized, ad nausea franchise directory listings, wasted time and the lack of empowerment available for a franchise candidate to select from only those franchise opportunities that strongly meet their personal criteria.

After completing a three-year development cycle, Ralph Massetti, President and CEO of The Franchise Builders and My Ideal Franchise stated, "We are delighted to complete this challenging and engaging initiative. My Ideal Franchise was developed with a singular ambition; to provide prospective Franchisees and Franchisors with the most accurate franchise matching results possible. Now, our exclusive Compatibility Profiling System makes that possible."


Previously, The Franchise Builders had become the firm of choice among Franchisors needing franchise development and consulting services. Now, with the launch of our new company and online franchise directory, My Ideal Franchise, we are poised to become the defacto standard resource for franchisees entering the market, and franchisors looking to identify them.



Franchise Candidates complete their personalized Franchise Compatibility Profile and are instantly and continuously matched to ALL the franchise listings in My Ideal Franchise, assigning a compatibility score of 0 to 100. Following the profile scoring process, candidates can browse franchise listings, focusing on the franchises which scored highly, investigate further and contact Franchisors directly to request additional information. Then, after their initial profile submission, each time a candidate logs in, the system will automatically recalculate their franchise computability scores and display the newly best matched franchise opportunities.

My Ideal Franchise profile scores make the franchise selection process one that saves vital time and energy, and most importantly, helps ensure that there’s an excellent chance that candidates will develop a mutually rewarding and validating franchise relationship.